Hiblow XP80 Hiblow HP 80 Replacement

You save: $-284.00 USD (100%)

Hiblow XP80 Hiblow HP 80 Replacement

You save: $-284.00 USD (100%)
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Product Description

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  • Low power consuption 0.9amps
  • Works on all 500-600 gpd units
  • Very quite
  • 3 year warraty from defects

Hiblow XP-80 is Hiblows rare earth magnet pump while not a new aerator since
they have been in production for Europe and Asia for about ten years they are
new to the USA market. In those countries HP-80 are not sold the XP is sold.
This is due to the XP taking less power to run 0.9 amps compared to 1.6 amps
for the HP due to power being about ten times the cost in Europe and Asia this
is a big deal. The reduced power consumption translates into less heat created
this extends the life of the unit as well because a high temperature is the
enemy of the diaphragm material. 3.7 cfm (cubic feet per minute) Maximum Air
Flow (@ 0 PSI) 80 LPM (Liters Per Minute) @ 2.13 PSI Operating Pressure Range:
0.73 - 3.99 PSI 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 0.9A, 58 Watts 36 dBA Measured @ 1 Meter
Dimensions: 8.19'' L x 5.2'' W x 7.32'' H Condition: NEW Includes Rubber 90
with Hose Clamps Replaces Thomas 5078S and 5080S, Secoh EL-80-15, Medo LA-80B,
Fits 500 and 600 GPD Aerobic Treatment Systems.
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