About Us

Located in Canal Fulton, Ohio, Wastewater Pro focuses on providing online access to septic tank lids, covers, treatment options, aerators and pumps. Wastewater Pro is one branch of a company that was founded in 1989 and is dedicated to providing excellent customer service practices while working with customers to ship products nationwide. 

We began sales with a product called Fresh Lemon Blue, but it became wildly apparent that there was an opportunity to fill other spaces within the septic services market with quality, affordable products and installation services. Our catalog of products has expanded a great deal in only a few short years with the rise in demand for these types of items. 

Current owner Krista Gesaman took over the business outright in 2014 when owner and founder Jeff Oyster retired, and in the six years since, Wastewater Pro has taken off, growing each year and gaining popularity in the areas where current clients are located. The fact that our products are available online through multiple ecommerce sites, though, allows us to reach new customers every day. 

Wastewater Pro strives to meet the needs of individuals and businesses owners alike when it comes to providing the items that are needed to keep a septic system functioning as it should. By offering a diverse selection of products, we’re able to give people what they need - no matter what that may be. 

Though the bulk of online products pertain to septic system components and accessories, we’re always looking to add in new items that can make an impact on the way that water is treated and consumed by the general public. This is especially true if we can find ways to help the environment by eliminating waste or  the introduction of harmful chemicals into the ground. Our goal is not only to provide the septic services and products that people need, but to find ways to help them take care of all of their water-related needs at once.

Still want to know more? Check out this story about us in Onsite Installer Magazine and learn about the positive impact we want to make on the environment, as well as what we’re doing to constantly improve ourselves.

If you have any additional questions about which product will best fit your needs, you can contact us by filling out this form or calling us directly at (330)854-4405 to speak with a representative.